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Secure Document Storage

For a Will to be valid in the UK, the testator has to sign and date it by hand in “wet ink” and that copy is the only version that is legally acceptable.  Under new Covid Rules, they have recently allowed video evidence to be used for the witnesses who also must wet sign the original document, whereas usually they also must be present at the time of signing.  There is no sign of this changing at this point.

With that in mind, when you complete a Will with Safeguard Wills Ltd, we offer you the option to securely store that original document here in our secure storage for safe keeping. 

We then send your executors (who are not your partner) where the Will is stored and instructions to retrieve it when the need arises.  The details of your Will are also registered with “Certainty”, the National Will Register. 

You are also welcome to store other valuable documents such as house deeds, Insurance certificates or other one off paperwork with it, where it then goes into fire and water proof pouch. 

You are welcome to deposit and retrieve any document as often as required whist you hold the service with us.

Costs & Benefits of Document Storage

For a single Will stored with us, we charge £5 per month or £50 per year or a one-off fee of £500 for life.

For a pair of Wills stored with us, we charge £7 per month or £70 per year or a one-off fee of £700 for life.

Within that cost, you also get free updates of your Will when
a life event happens, such as getting married or divorced, having children,
moving home or the passing of either an executor or major beneficiary.  It is also recommended to have your Will simply updated at least every 4 years as the courts deem this the point where a
Will may be out of date and look for issues or allow appeals of contestation. 

If you have any trusts written into your Will, these are
also updated free of charge for the lifetime of your storage policy with
us.  If you do not store them, then they will
need to be written up again with extra costs on top of rewriting the basic

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