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The Importance of a Funeral PLan

You have probably seen adverts on TV for Over 50’s Life Cover and Funeral Plans however we believe the marketing of these has only confused issues with the general public.

Most of them are weekly payments until you pass away and if you cease making payments your policy is cancelled and you can pay substantially more than you will receive.  They also do not protect from inflation and the rising costs of funerals.

Without a funeral plan in place, your nearest and dearest, having just suffered a major loss, would have to organise and pay for a funeral that they believe you would have wanted in just a couple of weeks.  When you pass away, before your beneficiaries receive any inheritance a few things get paid for first and one of them is funeral expenses, however, very rarely would that be made available in the time span needed, so you do pay for your own funeral in the end anyway.  This means you could prevent the financial as well as emotional hardship by putting into place a funeral plan with Safeguard Wills Ltd and you get to have what you want, how you want it!

Costs & Packages

The cover we offer in combination with our select partners enables the client at any age to put in place a plan, which can be paid for in full, over 12 months interest-free or over a longer period with a low-interest rate that secures the funeral arrangements you want at today’s costs. 

To get a tailored quote/funeral plan or find out more about our pre-built funeral plan packages use the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch to ensure you have the send off you deserve.

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