Will Writing

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There are only two certainties in life – Death and Taxes

At Safeguard Wills our aim is to help you decide how you would like to handle both. 

We appreciate that nobody likes to talk about what will happen after we die but writing and leaving a legally correct Will is the only way for your wishes to be followed your death. 

Your will tells everyone what should happen to your dependent children, money, possessions, pets and property after you die (all these things combined are called your ‘estate’).

Why Do you need a will?

If you die without a will in place the ‘rules of intestacy’ will apply. This will mean that your estate will be distributed according to a strict order depending on the value of your estate and which family members survive you. This may mean that your assets end up passing to people who you’d prefer not to inherit from you and can often be more stressful, lengthy and expensive process for those you leave behind. 

According to research carried out by Royal London Six in ten (59%) parents either do not have a will or have one that is out of date.

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Safeguard Wills can help you with all aspects of will writing including Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), various Trust options, Funeral Planning and Living Wills. Even if you have an existing Will, is yours currently up to date?